The History of George’s Cream

George’s Cream Inc. is a private Canadian distributor and marketer of one specialty skin care product- George’s Special Dry Skin Cream, and was founded by Albertan George Doherty and Skip Gibson. The company’s signature brand is named after its creator, George Doherty, a pharmacist and entrepreneur from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

In 1995, George Doherty, along with business partner Gibson owned a pharmacy at Market Mall in Calgary’s north side of the city.

During 1995, the persuasion of a local dermatologist as well as Western Canada’s harsh, dry winter weather inspired Mr. Doherty to prepare a special skin cream to treat chapped hands, itchy limbs and cracked feet.

The criteria created for George’s Cream was that the content of this non-prescription formula had to be ‘richer and more moisturizing than other commercially available products, yet have fewer ingredients (less irritants)- no lanolin or urea and it had to be fragrance-free.

With that specific criteria in mind, George experimented with his wife’s mix master in the comfort of their kitchen to create the original George’s Cream recipe. George has been quoted as saying, “I destroyed my wife’s cake mixer trying to get the lumps out of my cream!”

Eventually, George enlisted the help of a local laboratory to develop and perfect a unique manufacturing process. George’s Special Dry Skin Cream was originally sold in small batches at George and Skip Gibson’s pharmacy. In 1998, the duo began marketing George’s Cream to local pharmacists and friends.

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream was created to relieve dry skin problems and a number of chronic skin conditions that are aggravated by the semi-arid climate in Alberta, Canada. Many factors were considered and researched to ensure that George’s Cream would contain ingredients that would provide relief for dry skin sufferers as well as those with sensitive skin.

The therapeutic benefit of George’s also provides immense relief to those suffering from many other skin conditions, particularly eczema and psoriasis. As more and more dry skin sufferers found relief from using George’s, the word spread. “It Works”, they said. Users began asking their pharmacies and favorite stores to carry George’s Cream, and as a result, it has become a national brand and is recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists, caregivers, and physicians across the country.

Today, George’s Cream is sold through national and independent pharmacies, drug chains, and grocery retailers across Alberta and many provinces within Canada.

George Doherty’s Recommended Moisturizing Tips:

How do you stop harsh winter skin itch?
Tip: ‘Rub George’s Cream from head to toe right after a shower or bath to lock in moisture.’

How can you find relief for chapped hands and cracked feet in both the winter and the summer?
Tip: Since one application of George’s can last up to six hours, I recommend applying a thick layer of cream over your fingers and hands or feet prior to bedtime. Then cover your limbs with a clean pair of thin cotton gloves or socks overnight. Repeat this process for as long as need be, and I think you will be pleased with the results.

Can I use George’s Cream on my face?
Tip: ‘I have had women who have written to me to say that they use George’s Cream on their face and neck at bedtime to act as an anti-wrinkle moisturizer’.