Relief for various skin conditions

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream was created to provide immediate, long-lasting relief for even severely dry skin. This fragrance-free, rich, non-greasy, fast-absorbing, moisturizing cream is proven to improve the look and feel of dry and very dry skin. George’s Cream penetrates the skin’s surface and locks in moisture for soothed, hydrated and healthy skin.

Highly recommended by physicians, caregivers, pharmacists, and dermatologists, George’s Cream has skincare benefits that can help those suffering from many types of skin symptoms and conditions (like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea) to effectively give lasting relief, moisturize, hydrate and restore the skin’s protective barrier.

George’s Cream

George’s Cream Inc. is a private Canadian manufacturer and marketer of the specialty skin cream, George’s Special Dry Skin Cream, created by Albertan pharmacist and entrepreneur, George Doherty.

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream does not contain urea, lanolin, or parabens and is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. George’s Cream was created to provide lasting dry skin relief, however, it is also proven to be particularly efficacious in cases of eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea and is highly recommended by pharmacists, physicians, caregivers, and dermatologists in Calgary, Alberta, and nationwide.

Perfect for all skin types, trust George’s Cream skincare to help soothe, restore, replenish and protect the skin barrier, keeping it hydrated and healthy-looking daily.

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Giving is the heart of our business

Through our ethically-sourced ingredients, we advocate for people, animals and the planet and give back locally and Canada-wide. Our charitable giving is multifaceted, from our George’s Cream sponsorship programs to ethical campaigns and our product donations. We aim to drive, positive, long term relationships and are thinking beyond ourselves and our time to the legacies that we will leave for generations to come.


George’s Cream is a legend. I love this moisturizer. I thought it would be so heavy and greasy since it’s multi-use but it’s not. It soaks into my lacklustre skin and leaves a very nice finish. Definitely does what it’s supposed to do!

Meaghan, H, Red Deer, Alberta

So hydrating and gentle. I love how hydrating George’s Cream is. The texture is so creamy, yet not greasy. It really helps heal my dry, cracked, chafed and itchy skin.

Elizabeth G, Okotoks, Alberta

Nothing I tried worked very well before for me during our dry Calgary winters, but this cream is keeping my heels soft snd free of cracks, and keeping my body moisturized so I’m not feeling itchy all winter. Finally something that works!! Thank you ?

Angela Michele R, Saskatoon, SK

Literally this is the best moisturizing cream. I use it everyday and when I went away for a week my skin got so dry without using it. It is fragrance free and gives good moisture without being heavy and greasy and clogging pores. Highly recommend.

Phillip C, Edmonton, Alberta

LOVE this brand and this cream AND it’s made right here in Calgary, Alberta. ! It’s definitely helping me feel hydrated the whole day and I don’t feel like I need to reapply within a couple of hours like most creams or oils. Definitely suggest using daily right after the shower so your skin absorbs it the best.

Shelley C, Calgary, Alberta

Have been using your wonderful cream for only a week now and am amazed how it has cleared the eczema on my face. Used a 1percent cortizone with it for a couple of days and now only use George’s. Thank you! Also, appreciate that it is economical compared to other creams I have tried. Bought the 450 g

Gloria M, Calgary, Alberta

Thank God for George’s Cream! I am a 58 year old black woman with sensitive skin and eczema. Initially, I bought the 90g tube from SaveOn and I had to purchase the 450g, I just had to! My skin feels so soft and smooth now. I recommend this cream for anyone with sensitive skin and eczema. Also if the company needs a spoke person or an Ambassador, i am available . Love this product.

Andrea M, Red Deer, Alberta

George’s is an incredible and affordable choice for a full body cream!! it has simple and effective ingredients and is the brand Dr Tai (Physician) recommends so it’s definitely trustworthy.

Lisa D, Richmond, B.C

Best hydrating moisturizer! It’s ultra rich and moisturizing. And can’t beat the price! I love it and use it as face cream when my skin is irritated and need help healing. There’s no fragrance, which is exactly what I need. George’s is a staple in my bathroom!

Brandi L, Calgary, Alberta

Love this hydrating cream so much. Followed @georgescream and after seeing their consistent skincare education and professional customer care, I decided to try it from SaveOn and it’s been a Savior. My feet get really dry and flaky during the winter months here in Red Deer. Put this on my feet and everywhere. Noticed right away that I have no more skin peeling on my feet. No dryness or anything this year. WOW. My husband has diabetes and he loves it too. First winter we aren’t flaking away. Wish we knew about this years ago.

Erica J.S, Red Deer, Alberta

I Don’t give shout outs very often, but after trying probably 10 different creams over the past few winters, with little or no relief for dry skin, I am so happy I tried George’s. It’s been awesome and I will tell anyone who ever I hear complain about dry skin in the winter to get George’s.. keep up The good work ..

Dave R, Calgary, Alberta

Love, Love, Love George’s Cream products. After receiving one, I ordered three MORE for my family, thanks Guys, our skin is now always moisturized and feels amazing.

Melanie G, Calgary, Alberta

My wife (and best friend) purchased your special cream a month ago to date, for our mother-in-law, who unfortunately is in a home. She developed eczema around her waist (73 years young) never had any skin problems in the past. Your product was advised by our local pharmacist instead of a steroid. Working well! Myself (45) born with eczema was very bad. Parents wrapped me in urine soaked diapers (1959) and it worked! (was not dating just yet!) Anyhow, no skin problems were noticed over a long period of time, (by the way I love the sunlight) until November of 2002. Much patches of torso, elbows, knees and groin grew into psoriasis! Not a pretty sight (not to brag, but I am in very good shape, or so wife tells me). I saw the local quack rather MD and he prescribed a steroidal cream AND Dovonex (non-steroidal . . . at $60 a tube!). This was not a good choice! Some chemistry works and some does not … there IS a combination that WILL work. Over the summer of 2003 the skin stopped overproducing cells … cool! This winter was not so cool. Bad plaque and getting worse. My body has probably shed enough skin to cover a human skeleton! Back to the top of this testimony, I began using your product nearly 28 days (familiar thinking) and results have put my little brain in awe. Those ugly lesions are now pink bruises! I have also been monitoring diet (cannot give you ALL the credit) but I am very happy with the results. The combination of ingredients has an excellent effect on my skin type. Thank you.

Ronald B, (another proud Albertan)

I get painful cracked hands during our cold Northern Ontario winters. I’ve tried Badger Healing Balm, Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, Gold Bond Ultimate Moisturizing, and Webber Vitamin E Cream to name a few and found limited success with them all. Last fall while paging through a Superstore flyer, I noticed that George’s Special Dry Skin Cream was on sale so I decided to give it a try. Immediately it worked! It has solved my problem and I thought I would contact you to let you know you’ve got a customer for life. Thank you for your help.

Hannes, Thunder Bay, Ontario

I recently had the worst eczema flare up I’d ever experienced – and it was in the middle of summer, as well. Usually it’s tolerable and quite mild, but this time my neck had an angry red rash that was also dry and accompanied with scaly, and peeling skin. This snake skinlike patchiness was also replicated on my face. I’d never had to deal with anything this extreme and was at a complete loss as for what to do. I used a non-steroidal eczema cream, which helped with some of the redness, but left behind all of the dry and scaly skin. It was literally like having dandruff from my face – gross, but accurate. I was dejectedly resolved to having to spend tons of money on high end lotions and prescription steroid creams, so finding this product was truly a miracle. Not only did the dryness improve, but I was surprised to see that the remaining redness across my cheeks and eyes (which I’d had for the past year or so) greatly diminished in a matter of days. I’m so glad that George’s Cream decided to expand to Eastern Canada, and I will literally be a walking advertisement to every eczema-sufferer I know. The next thing I need to do is purchase the huge 400g tub to prepare for the colder months. I’m so glad that I finally have a weapon against the harsher climate of Canadian winter. THANK YOU! (:

Stephanie Lee, Toronto, Ontario

Over 20 years ago, while coming out of the Market Mall Professional Centre I had to stop at the pharmacy to fill a prescription. While waiting for it to be filled I happen to notice a new hand cream being advertised… claiming it was good for dry skin. I am from Montreal and was just new to Calgary, so anything claiming to help with dry skin peaked my curiosity. I am proud to say that I have continued to use Georges Cream and it has stayed true to its claim…. it has helped me tremendously over the years! Am really looking forward to trying the new “light” cream too! Thanks again for your wonderful product.

Ann, Calgary, Alberta

A very special thank you to George for inventing this cream … My son recently suffered a quick onset of severe burning, redness and irritation on his hands. We tried several well known creams to try to give him some relief and he was literally crying it hurt his hands so much. George’s cream was the only cream that has relieved his red irritated skin on his hands. It is so mild, it gave him instant relief. And believe me, as a mother, there is nothing more comforting than seeing your child happy and free from discomfort. Thank you so much for such a great product! My heart thanks you!

Shawna, Calgary, Alberta

After years of enduring horribly dry skin on my cheeks and forehead, I was skeptical to try this. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on all types of salves, creams, ointments, lotions, oils, skin peels, face masks, treatments, home remedies, etc. I’ve tried everything from expensive prescription creams, to completely stopping wearing make-up, to a dozen homemade pastes. The only results I’ve ever seen were drier skin than before and horrible acne breakouts. And then I was at the grocery store an afternoon and decided to try your product. Not only is it fragrance-free, allergen-free, made in Canada, and not tested on animals, but you get a LOT of product for your dollar. The best part? It actually works!! You can not imagine my excitement when I was finally able to put on makeup without my skin looking dry and crusty!! With a lot of the other products giving me horrible breakouts and oily skin, it was a dream come true that my skin is now baby-soft without all the acne and oil that comes along with other products. Having smooth, moisturized skin has given me a lot more confidence when out in public and interacting with other people. Not only did your product fix my dry skin, but it fixed my boyfriend’s. He developed an unexplained rash on his leg that even ointments prescribed by different doctors couldn’t fix. Only two ( yes, two! ) applications of George’s Special Dry Skin Cream made his rash vanish. I will never buy another lotion again. This is truly a miracle product! Thank you!!

Valerie, Alberta, Canada

First of all, I have to say that our family loves your product! I work with 40 women, and I would say that 3/4 of them have George’s Cream on their desk! This is how I became introduced to your product. It is the ONLY product I will use on my 2 children, both of whom have sensitive skin. My oldest daughter is 7 and she can only use George’s with no reaction. My younger daughter is 2 and George’s was the only product that cured very stubborn eczema. My husband – decidedly anti-product of any sort – even uses it as work where his hands get very dry and irritated. This leads me to the reason for my email. I see on your website that you sell 30mL purse sizes. However, I have never seen any in stores. This would be very handy for swim bags, diaper bags, purses, travelling etc. Can you inform me of any places in Ontario that stock the 30mL purse sizes? Thanks in advance!


Hi George, I’ve always had some eczema on my left hand and this year it covered my hand. The skin was so tight it hurt to make a fist. It looked so awful I would try to hide it at meetings. While in Maui, the humidity made it go away. But it roared back almost as soon as we deplaned back in Calgary. Then my wife reminded me of slathering your cream on at night and covering it with a cotton glove. Last night was the third night I did the glove thing and this morning I have matching hands. They both look healthy. Your cream works as well as Maui does, for a fraction of the cost. (Though Maui was way more fun. )


I just want to express my appreciation for your product. I am 38 years old and have suffered from eczema my entire life. While it has decreased with age, I still get the occasional flare up on my hands and arms which can easily be managed with prescription cortisone creams but I would also get it on my eyelids and that was a big problem since I cannot use those creams on my face. Many of the products I tried did not provide enough moisturizing, were expensive and often caused even more irritation to the area. I came across George’s Special Dry Skin Cream at Loblaws two years ago and have been using it every day since. A small amount provides plenty of moisture to my skin without that greasy feeling. Thank you for making this product available and so affordable! Your customer for life!

Brennan H, Montreal, Quebec

My 65 year old dad, Jim (from England, now residing in Japan), recently completed a 3 month cycle trip across Canada. He stopped in a pharmacy in Medicine Hat to look for something to relieve his life-long troubled skin which not only is allergic to everything on the planet but was also horribly sunburned. The kind and attentive pharmacist introduced him to your cream, George’s Cream. To my astonishment, my dad completed his story with the words “it was perfect” – something I have never heard him say in my 29 years on earth listening to his skin troubles and the infinite number of ineffective if not problematic products he has put on it. I truly congratulate you on creating such a wonderful product which I am sure you have transformed many lives with!

Georgie G, New Zealand

While at the Women’s Show in Toronto last year I came across the Georges Cream booth. I explained that my son had such bad eczema and nothing seemed to be helping, and you gave me samples and said “This will work”. You were right! I have tried so many creams, with oatmeal, fragrance free, mineral oil, you name it. My son would scratch relentlessly at night. Your cream has been an absolute life saver. His skin is completely clear, and he is the first one to let me know when we are getting low on the cream. When I think back over the years how many doctors recommended so many creams with ingredients that aggravate eczema, this is the only cream I have found to work.

Sandra C, Aurora, ON

I have honestly tried absolutely everything on the market … for my winterskin hands. Every year I go through this all winter! They crack and bleed and I can hardly grasp things because they start to crack even more!!! People ask me if I have a skin condition on my hands…it’s THAT red and embarrassing too. A few days ago, I was in a drugstore looking for a solution for the 8 millionth time. A woman standing near me recommended I try this product. Two days later and my hands are healed right up!!!!! I have NEVER had these results from anything I’ve tried, and believe me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING! YAY!!! Thank you so much!!! : D : D : D


I wanted to personally reach out to you with regards to your product “George’s Special Dry Skin Cream”. Here is a little background on me I suffer from constant hand cracking and inability to retain moisture in my hands. The constant pain and bleeding would drive anyone mad. I can’t even let my hands soak in water for too long because once I remove them, they crack. Whenever the weather changed, hot or cold they crack. If I touch dust or dirt, they crack. I had seen your product in a local pharmacy and it actually stood out because the label was not the typical trying to lure you in type no fancy colors simple yet effective. I thought what the heck why not? I tell you what sir, immediate relief and I could feel my hands start to relax and the skin felt much softer and clearly had more flexibility. George, I am sold for life on this product. I thank you and who ever else is responsible for this fantastic product. I am the type man who likes to take the time and give credit when credit is due. I only hope your company remains consistent with its product quality and standards. Kind regards from a satisfied and loyal customer.

Mike, Toronto, Ontario

Last Sunday I was at the Ottawa Women’s Show and while visiting the individual booths came across “George’s” booth and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did. I’m almost 50 years old and have always had problematic skin, especially on my face. I tend to react to just about everything with either redness, dryness oiliness or pimples. As if that’s not enough, I also have rosacea. Anyway, for the last 10 years or so I’ve been using Cetaphil to clean my face and Aveeno to moisturize. I’ve tried many expensive, inexpensive, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, organic…but still the only thing that my skin doesn’t react to are these two products. Unfortunately after a couple of hours, the Aveeno, although a great product, tends to make my face a little oily which in turn make my makeup run and my face shine, not glow, shine. Since Sunday, I’ve been using George’s Lotion and the change is remarkable. My skin is very soft, non oily, my makeup is staying put AND, I may be dreaming, but my skin seems to be tighter and my pores smaller. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part but I’m pretty sure that there’s a difference. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I think your product is amazing (for me anyhow) and that it is officially my new favourite beauty product. Now, if only you could develop a hand cream that will get rid of those ugly sun/age spots my life would be complete.

Anne-Marie, Ontario

I met you at the Calgary Women’s Show a couple of weeks ago and as promised here is a little something about how much I love your cream! I moved to Calgary in 2006 from Nova Scotia. When I lived in Nova Scotia I never had any issues with dry skin, but I had a whole different experience when I moved to Calgary. My skin became extremely dry, itchy and at times my legs had the look of a snake. It was a nightmare. I tried a couple of different creams and nothing was working long term. I would put it on in the morning and before I went to bed my skin was itchy again and very dry. Then, one day I went to the Calgary Co-Op and read something about “George’s Cream” on the shelf and decided to give it try since I had nothing to lose. I could not believe how it took the itchiness away, right away, and within a few days my skin was back to its natural beauty and smooth. Since then I make sure I have a bottle of George’s Special Dry Skin Cream in the house at all times and more for the winter!! I love this cream so much that when I went to Colombia in 2010 I took some and gave it to my mother-in-law’s mother because she suffers from dry skin all the time, and she loved it!!!! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to get rid of itchy dry skin! Thank you, George for making my skin feel this great!

Mirna, Calgary, Alberta

I work with Fabric, mostly wool which dries my hand out, since using George’s Cream my hand are much better, thank you George and it was great meeting you at the Ottawa Womens Show.

Sandy, Ontario

I just wanted to let you know that I use your cream every day and I LOVE it. My hands were so cracked and sore that I was at my wit’s end. I picked up a jar of your cream and it was ‘heaven in a jar”. Thank you for your wonderful cream.


I get dreadfully dry feet each Ontario winter; to the point that the cracks will hold a dime sometimes! And I’m very sensitive to most frangrances, which means many creams can actually make it worse. I’ve tried many products over the years, without really finding something that works. George’s does the trick! It doesn’t give me greasy, slippery feet, has no fragrance to offend, and leaves me with wonderfully soft feet. I’ll put on the Light Lotion under wool socks before heading out, and the Special Dry Cream under thin cotton socks before bedtime. Another great use for George’s Special Dry Cream. Before gardening, work some George’s Cream right into your cuticles and under your nails, slather it on your hands and put on some thin cotton gloves. Wear these inside your regular gardening gloves. When you’re done gardening, you’ll feel like you’ve just had a great spa hand treatment and there will be no dirt ground under your nails! And because George’s is unscented, you don’t attract bees or insects, and you can still smell your flowers! Works under rubber gloves while doing dishes as well. I’ve told lots of folks about your Cream and Lotion and everyone has reported back that they love it too! Thanks, and keep making these products … please!

Mea, Georgetown, Ontario

I started out as a Swimming Instructor, and I spent almost 6 hours in the swimming pool. Between the chemicals, the temperatures of hot and cold, as well as the dry winters, my skin was so dry, flaky and scaly. I tried using lots of different creams and lotions, all promising long term relief of dry itchy flaky skiing, but nothing has been as effective as Georges. I have moved on from the swimming pool, and I continue to use George’s Cream in my daily life. I have to give a big thanks to George’s Cream for helping me with my skin!


For anyone who thinks it is just another cream, it’s not! It works! This is my first testimonial ever and I feel compelled to share it! George’s Cream has made a huge difference in my life. About ten years ago I developed very dry skin especially on my legs and face. I found a lotion in the States while I was traveling and it was my lifesaver. Every time I was there or a friend or family member was traveling I would get my supply. Then the supplier stopped making the lotion. I suffered for a few years trying every lotion in every store in Canada and the States. I seemed to develop an allergy or rash to many of them and they didn’t seem to help the dryness and itchiness. A friend of mine was working at Superstore and has a similar problem and suggested George’s Cream. I thought why not add another to my collection under the sink. Within a week I noticed a remarkable improvement, no itchiness, no rash, and best of all I don’t have to apply it every day. Thank you for making this incredible product. For anyone who thinks this is just another cream, it’s not. It works.

Colleen, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I moved to Alberta 18 years ago from B.C. and since living here I have suffered from eczema on my hands. I tried everything on the market until I was told to try George’s. My hands are great! I even use it on my face and body every morning and never suffer from dry flaky skin. I absolutely love your product. PLEASE DON’T STOP MAKING IT! I recommend it to everyone. My husband uses it for his psoriasis, and he has tried all the creams and nothing works better than George’s. I see so many people suffering with skin problems and I tell them to go out and buy it just one time and their problems will be gone. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. IT WORKS!

Karen, Airdrie, Alberta

I just wanted to say how excited I was to find “George’s Cream”. I have eczema with an allergy to formaldehyde. Recently I had a severe outbreak on my hands, feet, legs, knees and elbows. It is extremely difficult to find products that are formaldehyde free. I was at my local Safeway waiting for a prescription when I stumbled upon George’s. It absolutely works fantastic and is reasonably priced. I went through your 450 gram container of the Special Dry Skin Cream in about a week and a half. My suggestion is for George to start developing body soap, hair gel etc. that has the same quality as his cream but especially formaldehyde free. I realize Cliniderm is formaldehyde free but very difficult to find and very expensive as I originally bought a 50 gram bottle of their barrier cream that I literally went through in less than a day. It cost me $14 for that little tube. Once again a big heartfelt THANKS to George for this cream. It has literally given me such relief.

Darlene, Winnipeg, MB

Happy New Year! It’s a very happy one for me indeed. I am a 46 year-old female who has suffered from dry skin since my teens. In recent years I have started taking medications which only made this condition worse. I popped into the pharmacy on Main Street in Ottawa after visiting my Dr. and asked about a cream for the driest skin imaginable. I said I had tried virtually everything, including really expensive creams, with little or no success. George’s Cream was recommended to me. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to my life! No more itchy skin which is worse in winter with the cold weather. I was sick over the holidays and wasn’t able to shower for a few days and my skin was STILL OK! This cream is absolutely incredible. I’ll never buy anything else. I have recommended/given it to friends and family, all with positive results. Thank you George, so very much for rescuing my skin. I am forever grateful.

Trish, Ottawa, ON

I am your big fan! I really appreciate your invention. I had had a skin problem for a long time and I tried some hospitals. But they eventually had nothing for my hands and I kept using strong medicines from the doctors such as antibacterial stuff. I knew that it was not good and effective for me to use powerful medicines like that so I was determined to use your medicine. After I began to use it, my hands rapidly became better and better and now my eczema is gone! I couldn’t even wash dishes before because the soap would hurt my hands. Even when I showered I had to wear gloves to shampoo and soap. But not anymore, my hands can do usual work now and they are getting stronger and stronger. I feel happy about it. The trigger why I chose your cream was your face picture so I want to say thank you to even that design! I will keep using George’s Cream forever. Thank you very much.

Mika, Prince George, British Columbia

I am 63 and a diabetic. I have problems with dry skin and sometimes severe itching on my arms and legs. I also have dry calloused feet, cracked and sometimes peeling skin. About three weeks ago I purchased a tube of this cream at Superstore. The price was not bad. This is an awesome product. I use this as needed for dry skin on arms and legs and for itch. It works almost instantly. As for my feet, in this short period of time there is a marked improvement, cracks are all gone, skin is smoother, callouses are much less than they were. So many times we complain when we are not happy with a product so I wanted to let you know that I think this cream is great and I wish you great success with it.

Margaret M

I have an 83 year-old mother who suffers from Parkinson’s and is totally debilitated. Until 6 months ago I looked after her at home for 3 years. Two years ago, my sister-in-law brought me four jars of your cream from Calgary. I have never been so pleased with a product. My mother is on much medication and her skin is extremely dry. One application of your cream to her entire body and we have instant results. I was worried I would have to make a trip to Calgary, as I am running out, only to find out when I went to your website … it is here. Thank God! And thank you! I am sure, without a doubt, that the fact she has been bedridden for 3 years and totally dependent, that skin troubles would be a real probability. Mother is in a long-term residence and I visit often and George’s Cream is the first thing I do when I visit. She gets it over her entire body. Fortunately, thanks to your cream, she has wonderful healthy skin. I have told many caregivers about your cream, now I can tell them where to get it here.

Monica and Laura T

I have an 83 year-old mother who suffers from Parkinson’s and is totally debilitated. Until 6 months ago I looked after her at home for 3 years. Two years ago, my sister-in-law brought me four jars of your cream from Calgary. I have never been so pleased with a product. My mother is on much medication and her skin is extremely dry. One application of your cream to her entire body and we have instant results. I was worried I would have to make a trip to Calgary, as I am running out, only to find out when I went to your website … it is here. Thank God! And thank you! I am sure, without a doubt, that the fact she has been bedridden for 3 years and totally dependent, that skin troubles would be a real probability. Mother is in a long-term residence and I visit often and George’s Cream is the first thing I do when I visit. She gets it over her entire body. Fortunately, thanks to your cream, she has wonderful healthy skin. I have told many caregivers about your cream, now I can tell them where to get it here.

Bonnie S, Hamilton, Ontario

Saw your ad in today’s paper and I am finally happy to see that your product is now available on Vancouver Island! I first began using your product while living in Cochrane, Alberta … the long dry winters killed me! For the last three years I have purchased my George’s Cream at the Rexall Drug Store in Cochrane, while on visits, buying 3 tubs at a time as I usually end up boasting so much about it to my girlfriends that they want to try some too! I should get a commission! It’s multi-purpose and I use it daily all over from “head to tail” it just works! I sometimes mix some with a bit of water to wash my face with or a lighter moisturizer for my face. Cracked heels or those rough, dry bumps on the backs of your arms are gone! I was once advised by a dermatologist to forget the expensive over-the-counter so-called miracle creams and just stick to the basics. In order for all those other products to do what they claim, you would need to have a prescription from a doctor. As women, we are all searching for the fountain of youth or that miracle cream. What I have found with using George’s is that I have found a good, healthy, safe product, I don’t waste any more money and a large tubs lasts a year and my whole family can use it! It works and I love it! Good job!

Chris, North Saanich, British Columbia

Hi and thank you for this amazing cream. We were shopping in Olds and saw your cream and I am always looking for a cream that works and for something that would last on my skin. I have very dry skin and the heels of my feet are always cracked and hurt and I have tried many, many different lotions but when I tried this cream I saw and felt the difference in 2 days! My feet love you. I was glad to find an e-mail address to find this cream in Edmonton. I will be telling my friends and family about this great skin care cream. Thanks again.

Marge, Edmonton, Alberta

I had a terrible time with my nails peeling after moving to the Edmonton area from the coast of B.C. two years ago. I read about your cream and decided to give it a whirl, best thing I could have done for both my hands and nails. First time in many years I actually have nails and find the skin on my hands very smooth. Thank you.

Bonnie, Edmonton, Alberta

George’s Cream is great. Much better than other skin creams that I have used in the States. You really need to market your product south of the border. Thanks.

Lou B, Meridian, Idaho

I started using George’s Cream for my feet, which were dry and cracking. I had tried many products and creams and nothing seemed to work. My Chiropractor recommended this cream and my feet have never felt better. I have been using it since July 2002 and the results are amazing. Thank you George for developing this marvelous product.

Don W, Edmonton, Alberta

This is my winter moisturizer for when my elbows and knees and hands get cracky and flakey. It’s a little thick for every day use, but it’s the only thing I’ve found to help when I get really dry. The price point is great and I will purchase again when this runs out.

Teyana R, Calgary, Alberta

This has to be the most incredible cream! I suffer from severe cracking on my heels, big toes, thumbs and fingers, particularly in the winter. About a week ago I started using George’s Cream on my heels. I haven’t had to bandage them to keep them from bleeding. And I think the cracks are actually healing. What a difference it has made for me! Seems too good to be true!

Coreen, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

I am not much of one for testimonials, nor do I have an extreme story, but I wanted to thank you for an excellent product. In our very dry winters in Edmonton and being unwilling to give up daily showers, I would suffer with terribly itchy skin. None of the many other lotions or creams I tried would ease the itch for very long. Your product, however, does the job and does it instantly and perfectly! Thank you for no more itching!

Cathy F, Edmonton, Alberta

Our daughter (18) has suffered with dry skin (hands specifically) for years. Her hands would look like prunes after only a few minutes in the shower. Extreme pain also accompanied the prune-like condition. She was at her wit’s end. A pharmacist in Parksville, B.C. recommended George’s Cream to us. We cannot thank him enough. Within only one week she noticed a huge improvement. She uses the cream every night before bed and the transformation in the condition of her hands is miraculous. Thanks so much from a very grateful mother!

Wendy S, Victoria, British Columbia

It is a good anti-wrinkle cream. I have had eczema since I was a child. I have been using your cream for 2 or 3 years now and my eczema has disappeared. Thank you for the product. Also I have that it is a good anti-wrinkle cream. Since I am now 55 years old I need all the help I can get.

Sherlina M, Calgary, Alberta

I am a true believer of George’s Cream! I started out as a swimming instructor and I spent almost 6 hours on the pool daily. Between the chemicals, the temperatures of hot and cold as well as the dry winters, my skin was so dry, flaky and scaly. I tried using lots of different creams and lotions all promising long term relief of dry, itchy, flaky skin but nothing has been effective as George’s. I have moved on from the swimming pool and I continue to use George’s Cream in my daily skincare routine. I have to give a big thanks to George’s for helping me with my skin!

Elizabeth T, Calgary, Alberta

I am not much of one for testimonials, nor do I have an extreme story but I wanted to thank you for an excellent skincare product. In our very dry winters in Edmonton and being unwilling to give up daily showers, I would suffer with terrible itchy skin. None of the many other lotions or creams I tried would ease the itch for very long. Your product, however, does the job and does it instantly and perfectly! Thank you for no more itching!

Anne H, Edmonton, Alberta

Love, Love, Love George’s Cream products. After receiving one, I ordered three MORE for my family, thanks Guys, our skin is now always moisturized and feels amazing.

Melanie G, Edmonton, Alberta

This has to be the most incredible cream. I suffer from severe cracking on my heels, big toes, thumbs and fingers, particularly in the winter. About a week ago, I began using George’s Cream on my heels. I haven’t had to bandage them to keep them from bleeding since. And I think the cracks are actually healing. What a difference it has made for me! Seems too good to be true!

Edward A, Lethbridge, Alberta

I can’t say enough about this holy grail product! For years I have struggled with mild eczema and have tried so many products that promise but fail to deliver what George’s does. Some products actually irritated my skin further but not George’s. It’s fragrance free which I like but the best thing is that my skin feels the benefits after one application! Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like my skin, it’s so soft and dry-patch free. Will keep buying this holy grail skin product!

LeeAnn W, Calgary, Alberta

I love this cream, I use it day and night. Love it mostly because my youngest son has eczema and this helps him out a lot. I have tried other brands and didn’t work for us. Love this and do recommend.

Meghan Y, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Great for everyday use, affordable and lasts a while even though I use it daily. It’s thick and hydrating and makes my skin feel soft and supple and protected against the cold, Alberta winters. The scent is light and the product is widely recommended by pharmacists and physicians. Definitely one of my skincare staples.

Elena R, Calgary, Alberta

George’s works amazing for my skin! This is by far the best moisturizer I have found to use on my face as my skin is really sensitive and can get irritated easily! It is non greasy, which I love, and it doesn’t cause any breakouts! My skin is combination of oily/dry but more on the dry side. I use this in the morning right after the shower and at night after I wash my face. I would recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin, even with redness like myself. I have tried a ton of different products that are really expensive and I’ve never had a good end result. George’s Cream saved my skin and I recommend this line!

Allison Peters, Okotoks

I've seen and heard so much about this product on their IG page, so I finally tried a 450g jar of this from Save on Foods. I must say that this product provides good moisture to the skin it is not greasy at all and it absorbs right into your skin as soon as you apply it in rub it in. due to so much hand washing and hand sanitizing my hands became pretty dry in the tops of my hands were rough and within two days this moisturizer softened of my hands where there was no rough or dry feeling. The product depending on the size is pricey but you get what you pay for. My skin type especially during the cold/winter months is pretty dry so Im looking forward to use it then! Thanks George’s Cream.

Whistler, British Columbia

I use a lot of high end brands for my skincare, but when the winter makes me particularly dry, George’s Cream moisture cream in the tub is my overnight Saviour, from forehead to toes. I usually just go in straight with George’s after my bath. There's really nothing better for the skin than this moisturizer, oh boy does it help dry, stressed skin. Odourless and not the slightest bit greasy, but you can feel it protecting your skin. All the expensive creams and treatments, and this inexpensive all-purpose tub is the one I have on hand at all times for the best results. It works!

Rob Drayton, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

You know that happy, exhausted feeling you get after spending a summer day at the pool or on the lake? It's just the best, right?!⠀
You know that tight feeling your skin gets after being out in the sun allllll day? (That's your skin going from grape to wrinkly raisin right there.) And it's less than the best. I love my George's Special Skin Cream to re-hydrate my skin after those sun sessions. A good slathering of that silky stuff and some comfy sweats on the couch makes for the perfect end to those sunny days!Time to replace HYDRATION, and time to do it NOW, use Georges today."

Kelly Scholls, Calgary, Alberta

My skin has grown quite sensitive since COVID, I’m not sure if it’s with age or change in environment, but my skin was so dry, irritated, and cracking, when I’ve had oily skin my whole life. This was really unusual for me and I had no idea what product to turn to—until I found George’s Cream on social media. It is the only thing that didn’t make my face or skin sting and burn, it retains moisture incredible well. I mean it was made to treat eczema!
I would buy this product again and again and again. I have no interest in using another moisturizer when I have such a quality and affordable product right here in Edmonton, Alberta! I’ve been using this for two years, going strong!!

Lucie Armstrong, Edmonton, Alberta

Whole family is on board with this phenomenal cream, it’s so gentle, yet effective, George’s is recommended by physicians and dermatologists. Great product, this 450g jar will last you a while! We currently use this every-time after our bath or shower and it leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Pros are it keeps your skin hydrated all day, leaves your skin immediately soft after you apply it. Only con is that if you don’t like thicker consistencies then it might feel too heavy but you can combat that by just applying a small amount to each section of your skin rather than all at once.

S. Ables, Vancouver, BC

Not only can you use this as a face product, George’s is great as an overall body moisturizer too! I was hesitant using a product with petrolatum in it. But I've been reading more about ingredients that act as a protective layer keeping moisture in, and petrolatum is one of them, and with Georges, it's not the blocking shiny type of petrolatum, this absorbs really well and is not greasy and slick.
There is no fragrance to the product which is wonderful. The application feels great and it absorbs rather quickly opposed to sitting on the skin like other products I’ve tried. George’s is a staple for me and I would continue to buy from them over and over. It helps my skin heal and the ingredients are just superstar!

Alana Petman, Calgary, Alberta

This stuff saved my son’s skin. His face had painful, dry, flaky patches and suffered from eczema for over 12 years. We have tried many different creams and while they work momentarily NOTHING works as well with calming and soothing his skin like George’s special skin cream. Cleared everything within 24 hours. BUY IT!

Elaine Crossley, Charlotte Town, PEI

This is an excellent and affordable cream for sensitive skin. Fragrance free and most importantly, George’s Cream works! It lasts a long time because a little goes a long way. Made in Canada. I love supporting Canadian companies.

Madge Mcleod, Pickering, ON

Good all around skin moisturizer. This is my tried and true. I use George’s everywhere. It leaves my skin hydrated without becoming tacky. I trust it so much that I also use it on my face. I've never had a problem with it. And its never let me down. Its the perfect moisturizer for people who want good skin but dont want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Stacie Englewood, Montreal Quebec

Just got George’s from my family in Montreal I discovered your product , researched you and then started following you on social media perfect for Las Vegas weather I love you guys and this cream so much

@lubadkcas Las Vegas, Nevada

For smooth and bouncy skin, use George’s Cream. Make sure to keep the lid on! Love, love, LOVE this product. A little goes a long way and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Georges sinks in relatively quickly for its thick texture and has made a visible difference in under a week. Also love how it is fragrance and paraben free. Will always buy!

Rebecca McCowan, Calgary, AB

Hands down George's Cream is the best moisturizer! Use it on wetted skin for the best results. It's great for all skin types. My sisters and I all have different skin types (dry, ultra-dry, sensitive and combination) and we’re all able to use it. It works for the face, body, hands, I slather this everywhere and my skin loves me for it. The jar size is definitely a necessity since everyone in our house uses George’s daily. Unscented perk.

Lisar Jacobs, Nanaimo, BC

Love George’s! I cannot say enough good things about this brand. This is great for dry skin, even small patches of dry skin on your face or body. It doesn’t have any strong smells. I use this daily and can tell a difference in my skin. Thank you, George’s Cream.

Ned L., Calgary, Alberta

Try George’s Cream, you wont be disappointed. Very gentle but nourishing. Affordable, fragrance free, recommended by dermatologists, I start out my day feeling better and more confident about myself. Really an everyday use and product I will always recommend. I bought 4 tubs to take with me to Massachusetts and now they have their e-commerce site so I wont even run out.

Tara O’Connor, Chicopee, Massachusetts

This is part of my daily skin routine, I've been using it for more than three years now. George’s really works for dry skin, for psoriasis. My skin feels and looks better after I began using it daily all year around. Great value, not too pricey and loves that it comes in this convenient jumbo size!

Yenny Irawan, Edmonton, AB

Moisturizing, nourishing and SO healing, you can just feel your skin seeping it all in and LOVING it! Dry skin? BOOM! GONE! It makes my tattoos and skin look bright and healthy. Cant go wrong with George’s special dry skin cream. Im keeping my tub of skin love.

Tyann Harrison, Miramichi, NB

The things you keep on using say a lot about their quality. Ive used my George’s cream every night for the past six years. I love its creamy richness and my dry aging skin appreciates the hydration. Not fancy, it just works. I like that there aren’t silicones, a bit of petrolatum and paraben and urea free, my skin still feels hydrated 12 hours later, I will forever use!

Michelle Patterson, Calgary, AB

Seriously the best cream I've ever used! My skin is soft for days and left feeling and looking so hydrated.

@achewforu (Robin), Calgary, Alberta