How To Use

Trusted and loved for over 25 years, George’s Cream is a nationally recognized Canadian brand recommended by pharmacists, caregivers, pediatricians, physicians, and dermatologists to provide immediate long-lasting relief for dry skin sufferers as well as those with sensitive skin. George’s is also popularly known to be quite effective for immense relief to those suffering from many other skin conditions, mainly psoriasis and eczema.

George’s Cream will also help when used for any of the following non-traditional skincare concerns:

Swimmer’s itch

Skin-soothing, anti-itch – apply all over your body just before you go swimming to help maintain your body temperature if you do not have a wetsuit.

Runners, Cyclists

Skin-soothing, reducing friction – to prevent chafing, apply liberally to your inner thighs before running or cycling.

Cradle Cap

Moisturize, protect, dermatologist recommended –  Do not scratch or rub, massage gently onto the baby’s scalp to help lift the crusts and loosen scales including stubborn, dry skin.

Winter Itch

(Pruritus Hiemalis)

Skin- soothing, skin-loving, ultra hydrating – Apply liberally after a warm bath to alleviate discomfort and stop the scratching.

Winter Sports

(Ski, Hockey, Curling, Ice Fishing, Lacrosse, Snowboarding, etc.)

Keeps feet warm, moisturized and hydrated –  Slather all over feet (heels and in between toes), wear socks after applying George’s Special Dry Skin Cream.

Foot Problems Associated With Diabetes

Comforting, nourishing, hydrating – Avoid soaking feet, dry feet and between the toes, moisturize feet and ankles with George’s, wear Diabetic socks to comfort and soften heels and feet.


Skin-soothing, skin protectant barrier, skin-loving – Apply liberally all over the body or as directed by your physician or dermatologist.

Perfect for all skin types and safe to use as an all-over body moisturizer daily, George’s Cream is committed to providing all-day hydration to keep your skin soft, nourished, protected, moisturized, and most importantly healthy.

Macro Influencer Emily Talks George’s Cream

15 years loyal customer of George’s, Emily is a University Graduate in Ottawa, Ontario and a Macro Influencer who recently shared our Special Dry Skin Cream to her 138k followers with over 6.1M Likes in her curated content on the TikTok platform at @emilythankunext.

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