Georges products do not
contain Urea, Lanolin or Parabens
and have been specifically
made to be hypoallergenic
and fragrance free.
Not tested on animals.


Like most good things in life, George’s Special Dry Skin Cream and George’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion didn’t happen overnight.

The cream is the creation of Calgary pharmacist George Doherty. In 1997, a local dermatologist and Western Canada’s harsh weather inspired Doherty to concoct a skin cream to treat chapped hands, cracked feet and itchy legs.
“I destroyed my wife’s cake mixer trying to get the lumps out of my cream,” laughs Doherty. “I don’t think she was too happy about that part.”

As word of mouth spread about how George’s Cream worked like no other, Doherty hired International Labs, a local manufacturer to tinker with his secret formula and make it better. In 1998, he began marketing George’s Cream to fellow pharmacists and the rest as they say is history.

George’s Cream inventor and pharmacist George Doherty created a successful skin product in his kitchen.

Regarding the origin of the name George’s Cream, Doherty revealed a little known secret. “People think I named the cream after myself. However, the true story is that a local dermatologist wrote George’s Cream on a prescription pad and sent his patient to our pharmacy to receive the cream. That’s how we got the name.”

Today, George’s Cream is among the best selling skin moisturizers in western Canada. The non-prescription cream comes in two sizes. A 450g jar and a 90g tube. In the fall of 2008, Doherty unveiled his latest formula for a Daily Moisturizing Lotion in both a 360ml pump size and a popular purse sized 30ml tube. George’s products are sold at national and independent pharmacies, drug chains and grocery retailers across Canada.

“Our ingredients are listed on the outside of every package,” explains Doherty. “We do not use Urea, Lanolin or Parabens in George’s Cream because we believe that these ingredients cause skin reactions. They can also be irritants to damaged skin. George’s Cream also has no additives and is fragrant free. Our daily moisturizing body lotion is also fragrance free and has no lanolin, mineral oil or parabens.” Doherty also made it clear that George’s Cream was tested only on humans and not animals.

For those using a cream or lotion for the first time, Doherty strongly recommends conducting a test patch on your skin about the size of a dime to see if any redness or allergic reaction develops.

So, how do you stop Alberta’s “winter skin itch”? Doherty recommends rubbing George’s Cream from head to toe right after a shower or bath to lock in the moisture.

“What is truly rewarding in this business is the fact that many George’s users have told us the amazing benefits they experienced while using it on eczema and psoriasis” says Doherty. “Much to my surprise, however, is that women have been telling me that George’s Cream works well as a night cream.”

He also had advice for those with chapped hands and cracked feet. “Since one application of George’s Cream lasts up to six hours, I recommend applying a thick layer of cream over your fingers and hands or feet prior to bed time,” explains Doherty. “Then cover them with a clean pair of thin cotton gloves or socks overnight. Repeat this process for a week to 10 days using the same gloves and socks and I think you be pleased with the results.”

The manufacturers suggested retail price is $10.99 for the 360ml Daily Moisturizing Lotion pump and $2.99 for both the 30ml Daily Moisturizing Lotion tube and the 30g George’s Special Dry Skin Cream tube.

About George’s Cream Inc.
George’s Cream Inc. is a marketer of a specialty skin care product. The Canadian company’s signature brand George’s Cream and the new George’s Lotion are named after its inventor, George Doherty, a pharmacist, and entrepreneur. One of the fastest growing brands in its sector, George’s Cream is sold through national and independent pharmacies, drug chains, and grocery retailers across Canada.