Recommended Use of George’s

First Time Users
Even though George’s Cream does not contain lanolin, urea or fragrance, it is recommended that first time users do a skin test. Just apply a tiny amount of George’s Cream onto a small patch of skin and leave it for a few hours. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue use.

George recommends that you apply a small amount at first because the cream is so thick and rich. Once you see how well George’s works and absorbs into your skin, feel free to apply liberally as needed. Let the condition of your skin help you gauge how much cream to use.

Rich and Moisturizing
It’s so rich that some first-time users find it a bit slippery or sticky. This feeling is temporary. When George’s Cream is worked into your skin, the stickiness disappears. This richness is why one application of George’s Cream can last for an entire day.

Slather It On
If you have extremely chapped and cracked hands or feet, George suggests that before retiring for the night you slather his cream onto your hands and/or feet then cover with a pair of thin cotton gloves or socks. Continue with this treatment until your hands and/or feet are better. Then, to keep them this way, apply George’s Cream once or twice daily.

Shower Power
Users should apply George’s Cream right after a shower or bath. Your damp skin will absorb the cream faster and more efficiently.

Cooling Effect
Some users – particularly those who use it on their feet, keep George’s Cream in the fridge. It seems the cream is quite refreshing and according to some, the coolness helps relieve their symptoms quicker.

Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of George’s Cream:

– Use immediately after bath or shower when skin is wet or damp
– Rub cream in and watch it become slippery and easy to glide
– Continue rubbing until skin becomes tacky
– Within 5 to 10 minutes the cream will have soaked in
– George’s Cream will last a long time unless it is washed off

George’s Advice …

If you have eczema and are looking for relief, George’s Cream may work for you. Patients using corticosteroids for eczema can enhance effectiveness by applying George’s Cream on top of skin after the corticosteroid has been applied. Once your eczema has cleared continue to use George’s Cream daily to maintain healthy skin. George’s Cream is particularly long lasting, over 12 hours, so a little tends to go a long way. It is recommended that eczema sufferers use only George’s Special Dry Skin Cream for their condition.

Although nothing on the market can cure psoriasis, many psoriasis sufferers have called and given outstanding testimonials on how the scaling, flaking skin has improved dramatically by using George’s Cream two or three times a day. Apply sufficient amounts of George’s Cream to the affected areas. It is recommended that psoriasis sufferers use only George’s Special Dry Skin Cream for their condition.

Hands and Feet
George’s Cream can help severely dry, cracked hands and feet. George’s Cream is also effective at relieving the discomfort of dry, skin-related foot problems. Some people just like the cooling sensation of our cream after a hard day’s work. Others use it to help soften their heels and to relieve that itchy feeling that feet are prone to. Diabetics who suffer foot problems often find that our cream helps relieve their symptoms, too.

Apply a sufficient amount of George’s Cream and then put on cotton gloves or socks overnight. Keep gloves and socks for use night after night without washing for about 5 to 6 days. Wash gloves and socks and reuse them if needed. Continue this treatment until dry, cracked skin has healed. Then use George’s Cream morning and night to maintain good skin condition.

When the skin on your elbows gets hard and unsightly, rub some George’s Cream onto your elbows and the skin will become soft and flexible again.

Winter Itch
Winter Itch can happen just about anywhere on your body. It can be quite annoying and sometimes, very uncomfortable. Many of our users control Winter Itch by applying George’s Cream before retiring at night and again after their morning shower.

Infant’s Cradle Cap
Some Pediatric nurses are using George’s Cream to relieve cradle cap. We’ve formulated our product to be gentle on sensitive skin so we were not surprised to hear that our cream works for infants. Having said this, we recommend that you test a tiny dab of our cream on your infant first. Rub it in gently and wait an hour or so to ensure that your child is compatible.

Joggers / Runners
If you are a distance runner, you know about chafing. Some of our users are marathon runners and they find that George’s Cream gives them effective protection against chafe. Before you run, apply George’s Cream generously to those areas of your body that are subject to irritation.

Many people have commented on how the use of George’s Cream on minor sunburns has prevented the skin from peeling. We recommend that you limit your exposure to the sun and that you use a good sun block. If sunburn does happen, rub George’s Cream on the affected area to moisturize your skin.

Windburn is basically the result of so much exposure to the wind that your skin has dried out. Although it’s usually just a temporary inconvenience, applying George’s Cream can quickly relieve that dry, tight skin sensation.

Latex Glove Users
You know how dry your hands can become from wearing latex gloves. It’s almost become an occupational hazard. Fortunately, using George’s Cream can help keep your hands moisturized and soft. We suggest you rub the cream into your hands 15 to 20 minutes before you put your gloves on and then again after you remove them.

Outdoor Workers
As pharmacists, George and Skip have seen hands so dry and cracked that they bleed. The condition looks so painful that you wonder how the people manage to work at all. Masons, concrete workers and people who work with a lot of paper are subject to very dry hands. Apply a sufficient amount of George’s Cream and put cotton gloves on overnight. Keep gloves for use night after night without washing for about 7 days. Wash gloves and reuse if needed. Continue this treatment until dry, cracked skin is healed. Then use George’s Cream morning and night as necessary, to maintain good skin condition.