Eczema in babies: How To Treat Them

Eczema in babies is very difficult to handle – for the parents who are taking care of the babies and the babies themselves.  This is very painful and uncomfortable for the babies and parents become stressed, strained, worried and emotional.  The baby gets less sleep which gives the parents less sleep when they try and pacify the baby – hence causing fatigue and exhaustion.  To handle the baby with eczema well, the parents must be aware of how a baby with it must be taken care of.

When babies have eczema they start to get very dry skin called xerosis. If this dry skin is regulated, it will make the experience easier for the baby. The remedy for doing that is to add bath oil in the baby’s bath water and let the baby soak in it for a few minutes a day. There is a misconception that when babies are allowed to soak in their bath water that their skin will get over dry. However, the addition of bath oil, not only prevents this but it also makes it beneficial for the baby’s skin.

When the skin itches, it is a natural reaction to scratch which aggravates it and causes a rash. The baby will naturally tend to scratch. To prevent that, a moisturizing cream like George’s Cream must be applied to baby’s skin after being bathed. It must be done at this time because the skin will be moist and soft which will allow the cream to only work better. Another alternative to prevent the children from scratching their wounds is to cut their nails and to cover their hands. Babies tend to scratch more when they are asleep. These can be socks or even mittens but anything that is soft that will do. If  the baby scratches and it leads to an infection, then a doctor must be called or seen immediately. If not treated, there is a very good chance of infection occurring.

The clothes that the baby is made to wear can make a big difference. Cotton is the best for a baby that has eczema. Also one must remember to cut of tags from new clothes. Wearing undergarments inside out help as the seams don’t irritate the skin. Clothes must be washed using only a mild detergent and must be rinsed well before hanging out to dry so that the detergent completely goes off the clothes. Toys that the baby plays must not be the kind that can scratch the skin and irritate especially sharp ones. Even the otherwise the material they are made from must be smooth and not rough. Healthy babies

Another very important part of the effort is the food that the baby eats. As the baby grows and is given new food, this must be done slowly and one at a time. A mass change of diet can be too fast for the baby’s system. If it is slow, one can evaluate what food the body will react badly to.

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